What happened to Sitting Bull's family
after he was killed in 1890?

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May 2, 1908.


Proposed transfer of
William Sitting Bull
and family from Pine
Ridge to Standing
Rock Agency.

United States Indian Agent,

         Standing Rock Agency,
                 Fort Yates, N.D.


         Referring to Office letter to you of March 23, 1908, rela-

tive to the action of a general council of the Indians under your 

charge, held October 25, 1907, requesting the transfer and enroll-

ment with them of William Sitting Bull and family, who now belong

to the Pine Ridge Agency, you are advised that Inspector James

McLaughlin, in a letter dated April 29, 1908, concurs in your

recommendation that the family named be not transferred and enrolled

at the Standing Rock Agency. He says that he is well acquainted

with the history of William Sitting Bull, and discusses the case as


          A reference to the records of the Department will
       show that the noted Indian, Sitting Bull, father of
       this William Sitting Bull, was a disturbing element
       and a source of much trouble on the Standing Rock
       Reservation.   His attitude throughout his life was
       detrimental to the advancement of the Indians among 
       whom he lived and should this son of his be transferred
       to Standing Rock Agency I am fearful that the former
       adherents of his father would make an effort to install
       him their leader thereby fostering disaffection
       among the former followers of Sitting Bull who
       are now well disposed and steadily advancing in
          The family of Sitting Bull together with about
       two hundred of his followers left the Standing
       Rock Reservation from time to time after the 
       death of Sitting Bull during the Ghost Dance
       troubles in 1890 and 1891 and were duly enrolled
       at the Pine Ridge Agency where they have since
       resided, and I believe that it would be better
       for the Sitting Bull family and decidedly better
       for the Standing Rock Indians if William Sitting
       Bull be required to remain at Pine Ridge where
       he now lives and where he has resided for the 
       past 17 years.

       In view of your recommendation and that of Inspector
McLaughlin, the Office is very unwilling to permit the transfer of 

William Sitting Bull and family, consisting of himself, wife and

child, and his mother, from the Pine Ridge to the Standing Rock

Agency, and you will please so inform all persons in interest.

                           Very respectfully,
                           [signed: OFLarralee?]
EH	                                 Acting Commissioner.

William Sitting Bull died one year later,
8 december 1909, age 42, and is
buried at the Presbyterian Cemetery,
Washabaugh Co. (now Jackson Co.),
north of Wanblee, Pine Ridge Reservation,
South Dakota, Sec. 36, T42N R37W.
book recommendation
on Sitting Bull
Robert M. Utley's book, _The Lance and the Shield : The Life and Times of Sitting Bull_

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