Paul Primo's house in 1804 St Louis
mini map of 1804 St Louis map

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thanks to Mavis Bear for this info.
(a Primeau-Forte cousin)

source: MapExpansion/MapExpansion7.htm
created by Historian Bob Moore at Jefferson National Expansion Memorial using information reprinted in J. Thomas Scharf, History of St. Louis City and County, Vol. I Philadelphia: Louis H. Everts & Co. 1883
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based on Plat of the town of St Louis, with all the houses,
10 march 1804:

key green - Manuel Lisa Paul Primo's house
green - Manuel LisaCerre
green - Manuel LisaBisonnette
green - Manuel LisaLouis Brazeau
green - Manuel LisaManuel Lisa

Plat of the Town of St Louis with all the houses. On March 10th, 1804. Prepared by Frederick L. Billou.
note: J. Thomas Scharf's History of Saint Louis City and County, From the Earliest Periods to the Present Day: Including Biographical Sketches of Representative Men. Vol. I . Philadelphia: Louis H. Everts and Co, 1883. Chapter VII. Topography, lists Paul Primeau as "Paul Trimo":
"Block 31, northwest quarter, Paul Trimo, small house of posts, by Thibault, about 1770".

note the later Ponca family names nearby too: Papin, Roy, Cerre, ...

"Such was St. Louis of 1804, when it passed to the possession of the United States.

[The term "house of posts," which is so often used above, illustrates the French mode of building log houses as contradistinguished from the English. The latter lay the logs horizontally, joining them at the corners; but the French used the logs vertically, planting the bottom of the post in the ground like a palisade, and joining them by weatherboard ties, just as described by Dr. Simpson in another page in this chapter.]"

house of P Trimo = Paul Primo = Primeau

... from "a correct copy of the map owned by Mrs. Juliette W. Christie, a niece of Leon J. Papin,
recopied for L.L. Benoist"
of St. Louis property owners & houses in 1804,
photographed & gigapaned by karl kindt (knightforhire) 2011:
karl kindt's panorama photo of 1804 St Louis map

other property of Paul & Pierre Primo (Primeau) & Paul's wife's family, the Bisonettes ...
obviously a different plot of land, outside of town (bois > woods, vacante adjacent land), possibly their wood (fuel) lot

Soulard's survey of Primo-Bisonet 1804 St Louis land sale to Rankin

Acquise par Dn. Santiago Rankin [James Rankin]
Divers propriétaires [northwest boundary]
Vacante [southwest & southeast boundaries]
Dn. Anto. Soulard [northeast boundary / surveyor]

Paul Primo 800 arp./ boisPaul Primeau b 1776 Châteauguay, Québec, m Pélagie Bissonet 1799 St Louis
Jos. Bissonet 800 arp. Joseph Bissonet b 1778 St Louis
Chl. Bissonet 800 arp. Charles Bissonet b 1776 St Louis
Pierre Primo 800 arp.
[arpent ≈ acre]
Pierre Primeau b 1770 Châteauguay, Québec, m [Ponca woman]

land sale to Don Santiago Rankin / 12 fevrier 1804
---- Missouri Digital Heritage :: Collections
Soulard land survey for Charles and Joseph Bissonnette; Charles and Joseph Bissonnette; Paul Primo; L. Rankin; Pierre Primo
Identifier MSA_RDAp460.jpg
Subject.Local Bissonnette, Charles; Bissonnette, Joseph; Primo, Paul; Rankin, L. [sic. should be S for Santiago or J for James]; Primo, Pierre

Paul Primeau & Pelagie Bissonet's home location 1804 -> 2008

5 Primo's house location in St Louis today - 2008

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